MOONDANCE Matriarch and the HeadMasher’s Mom turned 100 on February 9, 2018 and took a sip or two on her way to her Birthday Party at Ashbridges Bay Yacht Club, Toronto where she proudly remembers digging and pouring the foundations for the first clubhouse. Happy Birthday Betty!

March 1 Full Moon Madness at the Auld Spot Pub

347 Danforth Avenue  Toronto

March 1,  2018  Celebrate the Worm Moon with us at a

Full Moon Madness MOONDANCE Premium Tasting Event!

Robins will be here soon despite what the Ground Hog experienced.

Featuring “Lunatiq” and  “La Luna” (the French Moon)  created at The Auld Spot Pub

Meet Terry Gibson, MOONDANCE HeadMasher, Elmira, Ontario.

Thanks to Nicole and Nathan for hosting.

Share Your Recipe to Win!

Tutored Tasting & Tour for 4 at Murphy’s Law Distillery

Submit a recipe using MOONDANCE Premium for a chance to win a Tutored Tasting & Tour for 4 at Murphy’s Law Distillery in Elmira, Ontario.

Once a month, when the moon is full, we will put all the month’s recipe submissions in a draw and the lucky winner will receive a tour of the Murphy’s Law Distillery which will include a tasting of all our “shines” and lunch for 4 on us! Your recipes will be posted on our website and social media sites. You must be of drinking age to win!

This year’s full moon list is:

Jan 1- Wolf Moon, Jan 31- Snow Moon, Mar 1- Worm Moon, Mar 31- Pink Moon, April 29- Flower Moon, May 29- Strawberry Moon, June 28- Buck Moon, July 27- Sturgeon Moon, Aug 26- Corn Moon, Sept 24- Harvest Moon, Oct 24- Hunter’s Moon, Nov 23- Beaver Moon, Dec 22- Cold Moon.

Submit your recipe in the comment box below or E-MAIL it to us or Post it to our facebook page (link below)

Be Creative and Have Fun!

MOONDANCE Premium Bloody Ceasar

Steak spice

1 1⁄2 oz MOONDANCE Premium

4 oz Clamato Juice

2 dashes Worcestershire Sauce

2 dashes Tabasco Sauce

Prepared horseradish to taste (optional)

Garnish: Celery Stalk

Glass: Big enough for the Clamato to do its job!

How:  Coat the rim of a tall glass with Steak spice, fill with ice and set aside.

Add the remaining ingredients to a mixing glass and fill with ice.

Pour back and forth into another mixing glass a few times to mix.

Strain into the prepared glass and garnish with a celery stalk.

How it will help: Clamato juice provides your body with potassium, while the Worcestershire and Tabasco jolt your system into functioning again.

Bonus: It counts as breakfast and a hangover cure at the same time, so you can totally have four of them (just remember to drink some water alongside your cocktail or the Wolf may return).

Dec 2 MOONDANCE Madness at the Tara Inn

2365 Kingston Road, Scarborough  8pm – 12 am

It’s a MOONDANCE Madness Moonshine Tasting Event!
Featured Band: Southern Fried – Tribute to the Legends of Southern Rock

If you’ve got room for something new, we’ve got room for you!
MOONDANCE Premium Moonshine!
Pure… Smooth!

Dec 1 MOONDANCE Madness at the Beach Love Restaurant & Pub

2066 Queen Street East, Toronto  7pm – 10pm

If you’ve got room for something new, we’ve got room for you! Join us at Beach Love Restaurant & Pub, 2066 Queen Street East in Toronto for our MOONDANCE Madness Moonshine Tasting Event.

Featured Drink: Minty Moon
(created by Beach Love staff)
Featured Band: James Naro Band
MOONDANCE Premium Moonshine!
Pure… Smooth!


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