MOONDANCE Premium Moonshine Whiskey..Almost Here!

The labels are ready and the MOONDANCE Premium Moonshine is almost upon us!

This double distilled, triple charcoal filtered clear spirit displays the character and complexity of fine pre-bourbon distillates. Hand-crafted in Elmira, Ontario using locally grown ingredients, this “Grain to Glass” offering elevates “Shine” to Premium Grade.

Light vanilla on the nose with hints of toasted banana and fresh baked corn bread on the palate – a smooth soft and almost peppery finish….….touches a range of flavours not found in your regular spirit choice!  Opens more with a little ice and water.

Its appearance is clear and colourless. Its aroma is deep but light vanilla, with hints of toasted banana and corn meal bread. Its taste starts semi-sweet with a subtle toasted grain middle and medium to long slightly peppery finish.

Ingredients:  Corn, Wheat & Barley, Water

Murphy’s Law Distillery, Elmira, Ontario

Ask for it at your local LCBO.  Available in 375ml and 750ml bottles

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